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Brief: There are approximately 9 million trips on Viking Line each year and roughly 40% of the passengers engage in gaming activities onboard. The brief was to create a new solution to better enhance the onboard experience for existing passengers and also get more passengers to play PAF’s games.

This project included a mass amount of qualitative and quantitative research, both new and existing data. We conducted interviews, surveys, user testing, workshops and collected data to develop 4 concepts. These 4 concepts are based the  C.A.T. model: Core, Adjacent, and Transformational, and they also serve as an inspiration for PAF to take their gaming to the future.

  • Role: Designer
  • Core concept: PAF Play – An app to provide information and entertainment onboard ships.

  • Interactive slots

  • Transformational concept: Prototype of VR gaming with Google Cardboard.

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